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Dream With Your Eyes Open!

Dream With Your Eyes Open!

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Ein Jahr hat knapp 32 Millionen Sekunden. 32 Millionen Sekunden um in einem Jahr die Welt zu verändern. 32 Millionen Sekunden voller Erinnerungen. 32 Millionen Sekunden, unendlich viele Tränen, Lächeln, Wutanfalle. 32 Millionen Sekunden, die uns ein ganzes Jahr älter machen.


32 Millionen intensive Pizzaliebe, 32 Millionen Sekunden extremcouching.

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"1. “I love you” doesn’t mean forever
2. “I’ll never leave you” doesn’t mean shit
3. Don’t ever let someone touch every inch of your body because when they leave, no part of you will be free from them
4. Alcohol and cigarettes won’t take the pain away
5. Don’t show her your favourite spot because once she’s gone, heaven will feel like hell and all you will want to do is kill yourself
6. Don’t let her show you her favourite song because you will never be able to listen to it again
7. The blood dripping from your wrists won’t make her want to come back to you
8. Getting drunk and calling her at 3 in the morning won’t make her love you again"

- Someone asked me today if you had taught me anything (via innocentlyhigh)

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i need to get fucked by something other than my life

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"Alles, was ich dir gesagt habe, war doch falsch. Alles, was ich gut meinte, bekamst du in den falschen Hals."

- Kc Rebell (via lebloses-ich)

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Hey guys! :) I’m offline for a while. I need to free my mind and go away to find myself and the truth. Don’t unfollow me please. In love sophie.